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Interactive workshops on Governance / Public administration

Objavljeno: 01.06.2022

SIGMA i ReSPA upućuju poziv na interaktivne radionice iz oblasti Upravljanja i javne uprave (Reforme javne uprave).

2 June 2022 - Using digital tools to foster integrity in Public Administration

This workshop will introduce key concepts and practices of public sector integrity. Experts from the OECD and the European Commission will present empirical evidence as well as policies, initiatives, and tools to foster integrity. In the workshop, experts will engage in a dialogue with participants to discuss the most important challenges to foster integrity. Register here

9 June 2022
Leadership, Culture and Change Management
In times of permanent change and crisis, public administration needs a solid strategic workforce planning (quantitative as well as qualitative) as the base for evidence- based strategies and policies. Therefore, in this workshop, we will be focusing on skills needed to develop and establish a short-term HR-planning systems. Learn more and register here


21 June 2022Strategic workforce planning and talent management
In view of the shortage of skilled workers, new talent groups must be leveraged and recruitment processes redesigned. Administration must also position itself as a competitive employer. During this workshop, we will discuss ways how to create incentives to attract and retain talents as well as develop a strategic approach towards workforce planning. Learn more and register here


24 June 2022 – Diverse Workforce and New Work: Inclusiveness and gender mainstreaming
Populations worldwide become more and more diverse – so does the workforce inside public administration as we differ with regard to competencies, engagement, values, origin, culture and ethics, age, gender, sexual identity, physical and mental abilities or religious beliefs. This workshop will focus specifically on inclusiveness and promoting staff members with disabilities and the role of Gender Mainstreaming. Learn more and register here